Scenario Description

 Scenario Description

This scenario demonstrate an example of using a TIP that provides the required orchestrations for the example integration. The TIP includes the basic orchestration for synchronizing a NetSuite calendar to a Google Calendar. The means of using the Google API for logging in to a Google account and creating and updating the Google Calendar are provided as separate orchestrations in the project.

The primary orchestration completes the following steps, as illustrated in Figure :
  • Start is began by a schedule activity.
  • Use a shared variable to record the last job date it run.
  • Find NetSuite events that were created or updated after this date. Update the last job date variable with the date and time after result the NetSuite events.
  • Log in to Google.
  • Loop through each NetSuite event and complete one of the following actions:
    • Update the existing Google event.
    • Create a new event in Google if the event does not exist.
  • Store the Google event ID in NetSuite.
Orchestration flow

This scenario modifies the primary orchestration as follows:
  • Invoke the orchestration either for a scheduled activity or using HTTP Request.
  • Send an email to the Google account if an error occurs.
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