Overview of Cast Iron development

Overview of Cast Iron development
A Cast Iron Integration Solution consists of an orchestration that contains a set of activities performed in order. Each of these activities performs a predetermined operation. Some activities use external systems. You configure access to these external systems using endpoints that can be shared by the orchestrations in a project. Orchestrations are created using a graphical orchestration editor in Studio, which allows you to configure and add activities and endpoints to the orchestration. A project contains a number of orchestrations and endpoints. After you build an orchestration, you can test it in Studio. You can also test individual activities. Test an orchestration regularly while it is being written to make sure that it matches the requirements of the integration solution. When you complete a project, you publish it to a Cast Iron runtime. All orchestrations in a project are published when the project is published. The project is then deployed and started using the Web Management Console (referred to in this book as the WMC).

 Figure  shows this overview:

developing with Websphere Cast Iron
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