WebSphere Cast Iron Live Secure Connector

Installing the WebSphere Cast Iron Live Secure Connector
WebSphere Cast Iron Live Secure Connector
The WebSphere Cast Iron Live Secure Connector is available for Cast Iron Live but is not existing for the Integration Appliance. The Secure Connector provides a secure bidirectional data transfer connecting Cast Iron Live and the endpoints that are located behind a firewall.

The Secure Connector includes the following components:

The Secure Connector component in Cast Iron Live
We must configure, in Cast Iron Live, the Secure Connectors that you want to utilize. Secure Connectors are defined in the scope of an environment.

The Secure Connector component in the enterprise We must install the Secure Connector program within your on-premise environment that you want to connect to Cast Iron Live through Secure Connector.

Cast Iron Live uses the following environments and roles:
  • The IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud  supports multiple organizations (tenants). Each cloud tenant is managed by a tenant administrator.
  • The Cloud supports multiple environments for each tenant, for example, We can have a Development, a Test, a Staging, and a Production environment.
  • Although the Cloud administrator creates these environments for each tenant, it is the tenant administrator or the environment administrator who grant permissions to individual users or groups for each environment and who is acceptable to install the Secure Connector.
Tip: The machine running the Secure Connector must have access to the endpoint but does not have to run on the same machine as the endpoint.

To enable a Secure Connector, a tenant administrator or an environment administrator should complete the following tasks:

1. Create a Secure Connector in Cast Iron Live.
2. Download the Secure Connector configuration file as well as the installer.

Next, an administrator for the target system must complete these steps:

1. Install the Secure Connector keen on the target environment behind the firewall.
2.Install third-party libraries.
3. Start the Secure Connector and verify the communication.
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